Toucher du Regard is a photographic journal started in 2005 by Ashley O'Mahony. When he received a Minolta X-700 from his grand-father, he discovered the joy of black and white analog photography. A great way to learn how to read the light, pace down and focus on the composition, textures, shapes. Think twice. Make every shot count.

Frenchman based in Madrid (Spain), Ashley lived in Asia for several years (Shanghai and Hong Kong, China) and in London (United Kingdom). His pictures are inspired by his travels, his exploration of global metropolises, and his taste for art and architecture.

Ashley also collaborates with young brands to develop their lookbook, their brand image and personality. Toucher du Regard provides his clients with commissioned works: fashion, product, event, portrait, commercial.

The photographer is filled with doubt. Nothing will soothe him.
— Raymond Depardon, Photographer - Errance - 2004

Ashley O'Mahony | French | Photographer | London

Ashley O'Mahony
French | Photographer | Madrid

For commissions, artworks, collaborations, hellos *
For commissions, artworks, collaborations, hellos