||||||||||||ON.THE.STREET||| Operette by Ashley O'Mahony


Operette - Acoustic room - Paris - 2008


While walking along the archways of Place des Vosges (Paris, France) in summer 2008, I heard a hypnotic opera chant. Approaching the gate leading to Rue du Béarn, I discovered a man, singing with a particularly high-pitched tessitura. I shot this pic to keep a fragment of this magic moment.

But I have been even more surprised to meet this man again this winter, exactly at the same place, 5 years later ! A quick search online indicated me that this guy is actually called Jeando Cardi. For more than 15 years, Jeando travels in the streets of Paris, singing to delight the ear of the bystanders. You may also meet him under the vaults of Palais Royal. Enchanting listening !

Jeando Cardi

||||||||||||ON.THE.STREET||| Laundry Calling by Ashley O'Mahony

Laundry Calling

Laundry Calling - Making time pass faster - Paris - 2012


In Paris, more than 60% of private accommodations are studios or 2 rooms. So small that it may be difficult to fit any washing machine of the market in. As a consequence, laundromat cropped up all over the streets of the French capital. Who knows how many hours students spend every day in those soapy, strip lighted, whirring rooms ?

|||||||||||||||||LANDMARKS||| Totem by Ashley O'Mahony


Totem - Se tourner vers les cieux - Paris - 2008


The Follies of Bernard Tschumi, in the Parc de la Villette, Paris. Placed on a grid all over the park, the 35 iconic pieces suggest the deconstruction, while building a pattern of reference points helping the visitors to navigate through the paths and avenues.

Bernard Tschumi

|||||||||||||||||LANDMARKS||| Alexandre parisien by Ashley O'Mahony

Alexandre parisien

Alexandre parisien - Guide des voyageurs du port Montparnasse - Paris - 2008


When you take a train from Montparnasse station, in Paris, you may notice a strange building on your right. It is a reproduction of a Breton lighthouse of Le Croisic. It is said that it aims to welcome Bretons when they arrive at the French capital. The district of Paris is actually well known its restaurants serving buckwheat pancakes. The lighthouse is on top of the famous fishmonger's "La Criee du Phare" (69 rue Castagnary, 15th district, Paris, France).