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||||||||||||ON.THE.STREET||| Mary Poppins Dreams by Ashley O'Mahony

Mary Poppins' Dreams

Mary Poppins' Dreams - Umbrella Revolution - Hong Kong - 2014


For a week now, a whole generation, and even more, of protestants occupies the main roads of Hong Kong, fighting for the democracy they are entitled to. The remarkable movement, started by students and called Occupy Central, shows to the world an exemplary organisation, distributing food and drinks to its participants, collecting and sorting the trash to keep the streets clean, broadcasting a peaceful message without any act of violence or degradation.

The protest remained peaceful until the police started to use tear gas on the students, last Sunday. The riot forces have obviously over-reacted, awaking a great support of the public and international opinion. The Chinese National Day festivities of October 1st have been completely eclipsed by the calm reaction of the protestants and the number of people who got behind during the two days holidays.

But yesterday, groups of men, hiding their faces behind hygiene masks, have attacked the students, turning the peace to a violent altercation. The police, in that case, reacted very lately and weakly. Only a few counter-demonstrators have been arrested. If no link between these groups and Hong Kong government can be yet proved, these fights are obviously trying to make up a public unrest and insecurity with unbearable methods.

Get the latest news with the hashtags #UmbrellaRevolution and #OccupyCentral. Spread the word and show your support. The people of Hong Kong needs it !

||||||||||||ON.THE.STREET||| Operette by Ashley O'Mahony


Operette - Acoustic room - Paris - 2008


While walking along the archways of Place des Vosges (Paris, France) in summer 2008, I heard a hypnotic opera chant. Approaching the gate leading to Rue du Béarn, I discovered a man, singing with a particularly high-pitched tessitura. I shot this pic to keep a fragment of this magic moment.

But I have been even more surprised to meet this man again this winter, exactly at the same place, 5 years later ! A quick search online indicated me that this guy is actually called Jeando Cardi. For more than 15 years, Jeando travels in the streets of Paris, singing to delight the ear of the bystanders. You may also meet him under the vaults of Palais Royal. Enchanting listening !

Jeando Cardi

||||||||||||||||||||POSTCARD||| Retired by Ashley O'Mahony


Retired - Old boy - Xiamen - 2012


On the way to Jiageng Park (嘉庚公园 - JiāGēngGōngYuán) in Xiamen (China), I noticed this old bulk carrier, which seemed to be totally abandoned. The silhouet of the ZhongShengHai 87 (众盛海87) had something phantasmagoric, with the surrounding Xiamen fog.

If this ship is waiting to be dismantled, its little brother, the ZhongShengHai 88 is still sailing on the South China Sea. It has just left Hong Kong yesterday, to reach Guangzhou's port.

ZhongShengHai 88: Profile and Track

||||||||||||||||||||POSTCARD||| Drowned by Ashley O'Mahony


Drowned - Flood survivors - Siem Reap - 2011


The 2011 year has been marked by an exceptional flood in Thailand, resulted in a total of 815 deaths and 13.6 million people affected. This disaster made headline news for weeks, and most of us may remember it.

But the flood also affected adjacent countries, such as Cambodia. During my travel there, I met some farmers who converted to tuk-tuk drivers, as their land crops were totally devastated. Also, aids provided by the government wasn't enough to feed families that count 3.3 children per woman in rural areas (2010).

This picture has been taken on the way to Chong Khneas Floating Village. Those palm trees are usually never flooded. But the lake was so high that time, that a sudden thunderstorm changed the lake into a violent and wavy sea for a couple of minutes.

||||||||||||||||||||POSTCARD||| Wistful Link by Ashley O'Mahony

Wistful Link

Wistful Link - Sunset the mood - Xiamen - 2012


During a company outing in Xiamen (China), we visited the Shuzhuang Garden (叔庄花园 - ShūZhuāng HuāYuán) located on the south of Gulangyu Island (鼓浪屿 - GǔLàngYǔ). With its freighters in the background, this garden embodies contemporary China, trying to reconcile its ancestral traditions and the omnipresent industrial power.