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Retired - Old boy - Xiamen - 2012


On the way to Jiageng Park (嘉庚公园 - JiāGēngGōngYuán) in Xiamen (China), I noticed this old bulk carrier, which seemed to be totally abandoned. The silhouet of the ZhongShengHai 87 (众盛海87) had something phantasmagoric, with the surrounding Xiamen fog.

If this ship is waiting to be dismantled, its little brother, the ZhongShengHai 88 is still sailing on the South China Sea. It has just left Hong Kong yesterday, to reach Guangzhou's port.

ZhongShengHai 88: Profile and Track

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Wistful Link - Sunset the mood - Xiamen - 2012


During a company outing in Xiamen (China), we visited the Shuzhuang Garden (叔庄花园 - ShūZhuāng HuāYuán) located on the south of Gulangyu Island (鼓浪屿 - GǔLàngYǔ). With its freighters in the background, this garden embodies contemporary China, trying to reconcile its ancestral traditions and the omnipresent industrial power.