|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||ART||| Surreal by Ashley O'Mahony


Surreal - Fisherman's friends - Hong Kong - 2012


I shot this surreal painting at the Hong Kong Art Fair 2012. This is the work of the Korean artist Yongbaek LEE, who performs in all fields of contemporary art, from media art, sculpture, and photography, to painting. The realism and flashy colours of this one instantly caught my eye.

Some other Yongbaek LEE's artworks are available on Google Art Project.

||||||||||||||||||||POSTCARD||| Wistful Link by Ashley O'Mahony

Wistful Link

Wistful Link - Sunset the mood - Xiamen - 2012


During a company outing in Xiamen (China), we visited the Shuzhuang Garden (叔庄花园 - ShūZhuāng HuāYuán) located on the south of Gulangyu Island (鼓浪屿 - GǔLàngYǔ). With its freighters in the background, this garden embodies contemporary China, trying to reconcile its ancestral traditions and the omnipresent industrial power.

||||||||||||||||||URBAN.LIFE||| Hanging Bar-Fish by Ashley O'Mahony

Hanging Bar Fish

Hanging Bar-Fish - Ocean metropolis - Hong Kong - 2013


Since always, the Chinese use to preserve fish by drying it under the sun. It is a good way to keep the catch surplus and expensive fishes for more appropriate days. Moreover, it is believed that eating certain food  such as oysters during Chinese New Year celebrations will bring good luck. Each year, this tradition makes all sorts of fishes popping-up all over China. And a maritime city like Hong Kong is not an exception.

Zomppa published a nice article about dried fish in Hong Kong and its outlying islands.

||||||||||||ON.THE.STREET||| Laundry Calling by Ashley O'Mahony

Laundry Calling

Laundry Calling - Making time pass faster - Paris - 2012


In Paris, more than 60% of private accommodations are studios or 2 rooms. So small that it may be difficult to fit any washing machine of the market in. As a consequence, laundromat cropped up all over the streets of the French capital. Who knows how many hours students spend every day in those soapy, strip lighted, whirring rooms ?

||||||||||||ON.THE.STREET||| Les haricots by Ashley O'Mahony

Les haricots

Les haricots - Petit écosseur du Vieux Shanghai - Shanghai - 2009


At the west of the Yu Garden (豫园 - Yù Yuán), inside the almost circular Renmin lu (人民路 - Rénmínlù), Shanghai still hides some old streets in the heart of the modern city. With their typical 3-floor houses, they give a good preview of how Shanghai looked a few decades ago. But those neighborhoods gradually disappear, under huge concrete screeds poured by a greedy administration. Hurry up if you want to enjoy those charming but becoming extinct spots !

|||||||SHOT.IN.THE.DARK||| Yellow Candle by Ashley O'Mahony

Yellow Candle

Yellow Candle - Enlighten the minds - Stockholm - 2008


I was in Stockholm for a couple of weeks in summer 2008. I assisted to the Stockholm Pride Festival which lasts a full week and welcomes lots of concerts, debates and parties. We infiltrated the Pride Parade, in which Swedish associations celebrate their pride. Among the groups of policemen, firemen and Securitas' guards, I noticed the cortege of Amnesty International volunteers and their inevitable yellow placards.

Stockholm Pride

Amnesty International